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Crystal Workshops

crystal workshop

Kelly's workshops are a great way for you to learn about crystals in a group setting. They are an opportunity to share wisdom, ask questions and learn about how to use crystals in everyday life. Workshops also include practical activities demonstrating how crystals can be used at home.

Each person will take home a detailed, coloured information booklet and relevant resources. 

Minimum group size is three. 

Workshops can be done at your home, Kelly's home in Chichester or a hall can be hired for larger groups. Content can also be adapted to meet group needs – please email Kelly to discuss further. 

Workshops Kelly Offers

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Part one of the introduction to crystals workshop includes:
What crystals are and where they are from
How crystals work
What makes us attracted to crystals
Where to buy crystals
How to cleanse and look after crystals
Introduction to using a crystal pendulum
How to make a gem water
Creating crystal grids and healing layouts

Part two of the introduction to crystals workshop includes:

Learning about the chakras, auras and the energy bodies
How crystals impact our subtle energies
The opportunity to use a crystal pendulum in more detail
How crystals can be used in meditation
Using crystals to develop your intuition


Note: parts one and two of the introduction to crystals workshop can either be booked together or separately. However, part one must be completed before part two.


The Knowing Your Own Crystals workshop includes:
In-depth information about individual crystals
Where they are from and links to mythology
What crystal characteristics they have
How we can use them to benefit us
This workshop can also be offered online

Cost is typically £50pp for a 10:30-16:00 workshop. Price may vary if large group sizes require a hall to be hired or if extra resources are required. Kelly can also offer half-day workshops. 

To book a crystal workshop or to discuss further, please email Kelly. 

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