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crystal healing grid

Crystal Healing

This can be a single treatment or part of a series of sessions. All treatments are tailored to your individual health and wellbeing needs.  

Kelly will use this time to discuss any of your health and wellbeing concerns. Including what healing benefits you would like to gain from the treatment(s). 

Crystals are intuitively placed either on or around you. 

Other intuitive tools are used, for example a crystal pendulum is used to assess your subtle energies. These are your chakras, auric layers, and energy bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). This helps Kelly determine if there are any blockages that she needs to work with. She also uses this method to check if you are fully grounded and protected before doing any treatments.

Crystals are sometimes selected prescriptively, using colour to harmonise and balance the chakras.  

There is discussion after the session to reflect about your experiences. Kelly will give guidance based on this, including aftercare. 

Treatments are done in Kelly's home in Chichester. Alternatively, if you cannot travel to her, then she can offer distant healing. Please email Kelly to discuss this option. 

Initial crystal healing appointments last 90 minutes and cost £55. Follow up sessions are 60 minutes and are £40.

To book a crystal healing treatment, please email Kelly to arrange.

Angelic Reiki 

Angelic reiki radiates the most beautiful energy of unconditional love from the angelic kingdom of light. Kelly acts as a channel to the angels as they send their loving and healing energy through her and directly to you. Because this energy is from the wisdom of the divine source, it knows on all levels what is needed to create balance and harmony. 

Angelic reiki can be a single treatment or it can be part of ongoing sessions.

Kelly places her hands on your shoulders, whilst you are relaxing on her treatment couch. Touching your shoulders is important, because it is used to bridge the connection between you, Kelly and the angels. 

To receive angelic reiki, you are not required to believe in angels and treatments are inclusive to all beliefs, genders and ages. Even animals can receive angelic reiki. Your intention is to improve your health and wellbeing. 

Angelic reiki is incredibly calming as it relaxes your nervous system, which is particularly good if you suffer with anxiety, stress and/or depression. 

During your treatment you may see colour, feel tingling or sensations of floating. Or you may not experience anything other than pure relaxation. Either way the angels will be sending you love and healing wherever you might need it. 

It is supportive on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, promoting balance and harmony as a whole body system.


Your first angelic reiki treatment is £47 and follow up sessions are £42. Each treatment lasts for 60 minutes. 

To book angelic reiki or for any enquiries, please email Kelly.

angel cards

Angel Card Readings

Angel card readings are for those who are looking for guidance along their current path. Maybe you are struggling to move forward with a situation, it could be that you are at a point in your life and you are not sure which way to turn, or it could be that you are drawn to have a reading. 

When Kelly does angel card readings, she connects with the loving energy of the angels who pass on honest and comforting messages.

Kelly uses a delightful selection of oracle cards and will ask you which pack you are drawn to. Sometimes more than one pack will be called upon depending on the guidance Kelly receives.

You are not required to believe in angels in order to have a card reading. The intention is to offer you comfort and guidance.  

Angel card readings are done from Kelly’s home in Chichester. However, if you cannot travel to her, then she can offer readings remotely. Please email Kelly to discuss this option. 


Angel card readings cost £47 for 60 minutes. 

To book an angel card reading or for any queries, please email Kelly.

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