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“It was my first time ever taking part in a crystal healing meditation, or any kind of group meditation, so I didn't really know what to expect beforehand. However, Kelly put us all completely at ease, by explaining how to set up our environment to really make the most of it, and how to get our bodies comfortable before we started. When Kelly was guiding the meditation, her voice became extremely calming and soothing, so I really did feel like I was lifting off to a different place. I would say that was the most I have been able to use my "mind's eye" (to visualise being in a different environment), in a very long time. At the end, Kelly brought us back down very gently, the pace was perfect, and told us about a bit of aftercare which was a really nice touch. I really relate to the colour pink and wear it all the time, so rose quartz was the perfect crystal for my first time. Fabulous experience, I'm really glad I took part. Thank you, Kelly!”

Rosanna M, Portsmouth,

January 2023

Group crystal meditation

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