Crystal Therapy

An introduction to crystal therapy

The use of crystals in therapy or healing is an age old art dating back centuries, and is still used today to relieve the pressures of every day life and to get through traumatic times. The premise is simple; crystals and minerals are placed on various parts of the body to induce a deep and relaxed state and to relieve pain and stress.

The idea is to promote a balance of energies and the crystals work in a similar way to acupuncture in that they create a harmonious life force, or chi, within you. It has been proven that the specific placement of certain crystals can have a positive effect on our well being, this isn’t a miracle, just physics. Crystals can both hold and emit energy, and are widely used in watches to create the energy for the watch to work and keep perfect time.

When we wear crystals or place them on our bodies, they affect the electro magnetic energy fields that exist within us, the emotional, etheric and mental forces that are collectively known as the aura. The crystals effectively absorb, focus, direct and also diffuse our own energy fields, thus enabling a body that is diseased or out of balance to return to its natural, energetic rhythm once more.

Crystal therapy involves placing the appropriate crystals onto the 7 main chakras which run up the centre of the torso, and to those in the know look like spinning wheels of different colours that indicate energy. These can easily be located by our easy to follow guide so you can be sure that you always place the crystal on the precise spot to achieve the maximum benefit.

The chakras link the subtle energy field of the aura to emotions, organs, glands, physical body parts and both the physical and subtle flows of circulation. This is how we feel better when wearing yellow quartz, feel our heartache eased courtesy of rose quartz, and have a busy mind calmed enough to get the restful sleep we need thanks to amethyst.

Once you have read through our guide and discovered exactly what each crystal does depending on its placement, then you are all set to start your crystal therapy. The effect that each crystal has depends on its shape, colour and mineral content and once you know what to use where, you can initiate an effect that will balance the energy of your chakras, aura, meridians, energy, organs and emotions.

The direction they face is also important, as a crystal with its point facing away from your problem area will move the energy from there, whilst a crystal placed with its point facing will recharge that part of the body with its subtle energy. You will find amongst our pages a comprehensive collection of every stone that is used in crystal therapy, how it works, what it does, and you have all the information you need to undertake this most fascinating of therapies.

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